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Welcome to Bluetools

What is Bluetools?

Bluetools is a digital solution that supports facilitators to effectively and efficiently lead challenging discussions with stakeholders.

Enables moderators to lead virtual workshop

Reduces the time invested for stakeholder management

Enables stakeholders from different educational backgrounds to think strategically

Focuses on stakeholders' ongoing actions to create their future

Aligns stakeholders towards collective impact through a structured process

Manages qualitative data








The stakeholder alignment process

Define your core challenge

Understand the perceptions of your most important stakeholders

Lead an efficient strategic alignment workshop (virtual or presential) with all stakeholders

Interpret complex qualitative data in a structured way

Monitor your change process

Management Support

Why Bluetools?

Daniel Lüscher

“Bluetools is helpful because it involves everyone affected by a strategic issue and enables quick and focused solutions thanks to a structured discussion.”

Daniel Lüscher, Member of the board of directors Raiffeisen Schweiz for more than 10 years &  Founder of Bluetools


Stay focused despite including all stakeholders

Lead strategy discussions in a virtual way

Invest only few hours in the process

Include stakeholders with different and sometimes conflictive world views

Lead a process that stakeholders can intuitively understand

Create a space to promote inclusiveness with your stakeholders

Previous clients

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