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Strategy & Innovation Cycle

Strategie- & Innovations-Zyklus - in Zusammenarbeit mit SDGXChange

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Structuring of the current situation with the top management of Raiffeisenbank Aara-Lenzburg and verification with the Board of Directors



4 weeks

  • 2 weeks individual interviews
  • 1 week workshops
  • 1 week interpreation & presentation



How it works

The strategy & innovation cycle by Bluetools and SDGXChange is focused on changing the organization from within. Therefore, a collective internal analysis including all revelant stakeholders is conducted in order to identify the journey of the organization over time, all ongoing strategic initiatives as well as trends that are active in the environment. Based on this analysis, core competencies of the organization are defined and matched with the opportunities and trends in the environment. Following this match, new prototypes are developed and tracked.

Innovation cycle

The value

With the strategy & innovation cycle by Bluetools and SDGXChange you adapt to the trends in your environment from within the core competencies of your organization. By basing the innovation process on a collective internal analysis, new ideas are deeply embedded in the organization and become effective from the very beginning.

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