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Ecosystem alignment

Strategic Stakeholders Aligment within ecosystems


Bluetools captures the individual opinions of all the stakeholders involved within an ecosystem and generates a shared vision that allows to define next steps effectively



1 - 2 months per region

How it worked

As part of the Associative Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program - aimed at promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in different regions of Costa Rica, Bluetools carried out 3 strategic alignment processes with stakeholders from the Brunca, Huetar norte and Chorotega regions. In each process there were more than 70 actors from the ecosystem - government, entrepreneurs, businessmen, cooperatives, academia, the financial sector - participating on a virtual basis.

Stakeholder alignment - process

The outcome

The stakeholder alignment process in Brunca, Huetar norte and Chorotega regions resulted in a portfolio of strategic initiatives and action plans focused on the collectively defined priorities of each ecosystem. In addition, networks were formed throughout the process to implement the defined actions.

Decentralized strategy - Outcome