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Decentralized strategy

Strategy alignment between leadership team, central office and regional section leaders


Structuring of the current situation including the association board members, the employees of the central office and the responsible coordinators in 8 regional sections across Switzerland and development of an action plan for the strategic development of Carrosserie Suisse.



4 weeks

  • 2 weeks individual interviews
  • 1 week workshops
  • 1 week interpreation & presentation

How it worked

In this project, Bluetools worked with the executive director and the president of the association to create a collective understanding and a shared vision for the national association Carrosserie Suisse.  

Therefore, Bluetools individually interviewed more than twenty members of the association from the leadership board, the central office as well as the coordinators from the eight regional sections. Based on the answers, Bluetools created a common picture of the current situation as a base for the further work.

Based on this shared picture, Bluetools moderated two stakeholder alignment workshops. One with the leadership board and the members of the central office and one with the coordinators of the regional sections. With both groups, Bluetools discussed the journey of the organization over time and collected all the ongoing initiatives as well as the relevant trends in the environment.

Finally, Bluetools aggregated the results from both workshops and established an action plan with recommendations for next steps to collectively align the strategy and the activities of Carrosserie Suisse.

Decentralized strategy - Process

The outcome

The outcome of this project was a shared understanding of the reality as well as the key challenges by the leadership board, the members of the central office as well as the coordinators of the regional sections of Carrosserie Suisse. Further, this understanding was catpured as a collective analysis in the Bluetools moderation tool and integrated in an action plan with concrete recommendations for further strategy alignment activities.

Decentralized strategy - Outcome