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Currently the majority of strategy concepts propose:

  • Experts develop a strategic plan and afterwards they need to figure out how to get a buy-in of stakeholders to realize the plan.

  • Other experts count on emerging strategies but cannot explain what managers do to influence the development of emerging strategies.

Bluetools explains how to manage emerging strategies


A scientifically proven method

The conceptual grounding of Bluetools was developed by Professor Urs Jäger (PhD, Habilitation) and his teams during 20 years of empirical research

The key questions

Every organization has a function and status as well as individuals and groups. Within these dimensions four areas essentially characterize an organization.

Strategic management is the task to systematically reflect and consciously structure actions and perceptions within these four areas.

Stakeholder alignment can focus on aligning a team, employees, different organizations, different independent individuals around a common opportunity and/or challenge.  

Every stakeholder alignment needs to answer four questions:

How does the alignment create value?

How to coordinate the alignment?

How to define the role of the leadership team?

How to obtain resources for the alignment?

How Bluetools can improve stakeholder management

Common mistakes in stakholder management

Bluetools approach to stakeholder management

Getting lost with multiple perspectives and conflicts

Creating unrealistic visions and plans

Excluding influential and/or legitimate stakeholder views

Demotivating already aligned stakeholders

Transforming the political settings of stakeholder dialogue into a result-based structure

Focusing on what is done and needs to be done to prepare the future today

Empowering stakeholders to take the opportunity of participating in a professional strategy realizing process

Supporting those initiatives that realize the shared strategic intention