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About Bluetools

Bluetools was formally founded in 2018 and has since been developed based on the many years of practical experience and research by its founders. Our team is strongly committed to a world, in which dialogue at eye level is the norm of communication. Therefore, our mission is to support collective impact initiatives and complex organizations by providing them with an approach and the necessary tools to moderate inclusive strategic decisions. Our solutions help people to express their opinions openly and constructively and therefore enable more inclusive solutions.

The origin of Bluetools

Bluetools has been developed in the context of a cooperative bank in Switzerland by Urs Jäger and Daniel Lüscher. In many discussions both of them created a leadership method that is based on moderation and trusts in the capabilities of the people in the organizations.


Our Team

We offer different services that help complex organizations and collective impact initiatives to structure their current situation involving all relevant stakeholders and to collectively define a shared strategy going forward.